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Halcomb's Knob

Led by a solid Christian theology and walking in faith, the farm was purchased in 2004, a footstep to living the dream of sustainable agriculture. Working to rescue the natural forests, native grasslands, meadows, springs and drainage areas; the farm's 31 acres over the past 15 years have undergone intense resource management. And similar to the ebb and flow of the Earth's waters, so to Halcomb's Knob has witnessed the wealth of God's directive leadership in our lives nurturing our stewardship efforts upon the acreage.

From the first few months following purchase of the property to the turning of the year's end calendars, Halcomb's Knob has evolved. And with the passage of time, our lives have flourished offering us the opportunity to embrace the natural habitats of The Knob, listening to the soft whispers of wind through the forests, sweet melodies of song birds and the underfoot rustle of leaves.

We are blessed with the Lord's influence upon our daily lives, allowing us to explore the possibilities of stewardship not only upon the farm, in the gardens and among the towering trees; but also through the mix of on-farm entrepreneurship.

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